• Products and Services: All products and services should be listed under various categories at the time of posting the advertisement itself. Posting a service or product under an inappropriate category would make it hard for searching and hence it would be difficult for someone to find it trying to buy.
  • Pricing: There will be a charge to post your advertisement and it would vary any where from 2% to 5% of he list price of the product or services that you are listing in classifieds across various categories.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Only registered users are allowed to post.
    • Certain posting can be done for free of cost (Non Profit, NGO’s)
    • All commercial advertisements are paid posting
  • Privacy Policy: We respect the privacy of the sellers and buyers on this site and site administrator has the full rights to revoke contents that are deemed inappropriate.
  • Refund & Cancellation Policies: All sales are final between the seller and buyer. The website administrator does not decide or manage the pricing and sale process. Buyer and the seller make appropriate arrangement for product or service delivery. There is no third party involved in the process of sale or purchase.
  • Content: Use of foul language and verbiage in the posting is considered and inappropriate and is strictly prohibited. If any similar condition is observed, the site administrator has the full right to delete/cancel/remove those posting and also remove/block the requests from such users.

Disclaimer: This is a beta site and under development and testing.